hose Integrity Management

Our Advanced Systems Integrity Management (ASIM) gathers historical asset performance data, operational parameters and site-specific environmental conditions to create an optimal ASIM solution. The system is custom-designed from an operational engineering perspective to be specific to the client’s unique operating environment, with the endorsement and support of Marsol’s OEM Alliance Partners.

The ASIM initiative entails a holistic Integrity Management system based on design data, historic data, performance data coupled with over 45 years of experience attained through Marsol’s long-term terminal operational experience, preservation, commissioning & PMS programs.

ASIM’s objective is to identify areas for improvement across assets, operations and the environment and to quantify the financial and functional benefits.

With many stakeholders, such as Operators, Owners, local communities and insurers, it is vital that the entire Facility’s operational environment, and thus operational integrity, is understood.

Beyond the ASIM initiative, this is the basis for Marsol to provide extended services to cover life prediction and life extension programs. Especially with today’s aging infrastructure and the low price of oil, this has become more and more relevant in the current market.

MARSOL conducts the experience-based Assessment from a rigorous Operational Engineering position utilising:

  • A quantitative evaluation of existing terminal assets, operations and environment,
  • An independent, objective and qualitative appraisal by way of detailed report and workshop
  • An established and well-defined roadmap for improvement based on Marsol’s ASIM program, in conjunction with our OEM Alliance Partners
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