Our Services

Innovative & reliable client-specific services

Marsol International specialises in offshore terminal services, operations and maintenance, & supplying various terminal related packages including, management, operations, planned maintenance, Inspection, Repair and Maintenance, re-engineering, subsea and maritime services.

    • Our installation engineering capabilities and expertise has developed since 1968, concentrating on the construction of marine pipelines and related terminals.

    • We provide comprehensive engineered maritime management expertise that is based on the optimization of the balance between CAPEX and OPEX, concentrating on clear-cut maritime packages capable of reducing long term OPEX exposure without compromising life-extension potential.

    • Marsol International has developed a highly unique infrastructure to provide the resources within Operational Management, Structure, Startup, Operational Systems and Services, aimed to fulfill all its
      service requirements.International works with and assists the Client in understanding the project requirements from an operational and budgetary perspective to find the ultimate compromise between development and operational assets and resources.

    • Our goal is to understand our Clients’ needs and deliver quality value-adding solutions, combined with integrated management systems, to ensure a safe, professional, reliable and cost efficient solution for
      specific projects.