Floating Docks & Pontoon

Safe, robust, non-slip, versatile modular floating docks

Marsol is proud to be the sole supplier of Versadock modular floating docks and pontoons to the UAE, Middle East and Far East, and we offer both pontoon hire and sales.

A pontoon or floating dock will transform your operations and events on or around water. Marsol International provides safe and easy jetty access and waterways, stable and low-maintenance floating work platforms, floating pontoon rental systems for inspirational settings and stages for wow-factor events.

If you need to get people or equipment on the water, we have the solution.

Our Components

Single Full Float

Double Full Float

V Float

Single Low Float

Double Low Float


Whatever space you have and whatever shape you need, our versatile, changeable, portable, modular docks are customisable to whatever your changing needs require

Exceptional durability

Unlike lower quality docks and pontoons, we only supply modular docks.


Sure footing with non-slip surfaces and no hazardous gaps or open areas

Outstanding performance

Our modular floating pontoons are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and designed not to overheat or crack in the harsh Middle Eastern sun

Exceptional strength

Each component is engineered for heavy loading capabilities


Our floating docks are extremely robust and hardwearing with an expected lifespan of 30 years



To assist you with building projects, our modular floating docks can also be used to construct a floating work platform which provides easy access to bridges, ditches, shallow waterways, pipelines, and vessels. The system offers a stable, safe solution with no requirement for large machinery during installation.


Our floating pontoon docks can be hired for commercial use or events and is the ideal product for constructing walkways, jetties, bridges, platforms, docks, stages and obstacle courses. From public events and boat shows to weddings and sporting events, our floating dock’s versatility allows limitless configuration to suit your needs.


Our modular floating docks features non-slip systems that are extremely robust and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and seawater submersion. The docks eliminate vessel damage, minimise health and safety risks and provide rapid docking and disembarking.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of modular floating dock solutions as part of our specialist product offer, focusing on marine, commercial, defense, leisure and residential applications.
Our modular floating docks have been tested from the extreme cold of the Antarctic to the hurricanes in Florida and the searing heat of the Middle East. The blocks have been Engineered to support heavy duty applications. Wall thickness is a minimum of 8mm thick and the floats have been re-engineered to give stronger than ever radius’s around the lugs. Latest 2016 technology in pin and nut moulds has added an extra tonne in loading to each, massively strengthening the whole platform.
Our floating docks and pontoon systems are suitable for keeping vessels from youth dinghy fleets to rescue and defense craft out of the water, and for temporary and permanent dockside hospitality, and other solutions.
For those who enjoy fishing, our floating docks offer a flexible solution for those interested in fly fishing or simply sitting by the water. By using the full float, or the low float, our floating docks can create a very stable platform to cast from and retrieve that elusive big catch.
With our floating dock solutions, it is possible to create any size pontoon or Jetty to suit your specific requirements. Long or short, wide or thin, the possibilities are endless. Fixed or temporary mooring solutions are also available.

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Contact us to talk about our range of pontoons for hire and sale, so that we can understand your needs. We’re based in Dubai, UAE, but we can deliver and install your floating work platform, temporary docks or floating pontoon wherever you need it in the Gulf or Far East.