Is it time to redesign your terminal with marine engineering solutions?

In the past 50 years MARSOL has seen the offshore landscape change in terms of safety standards, environmental awareness, innovative design and client expectation. Even our environment is changing around us and it is important for terminal owners to keep up. While change and optimisation may seem costly, risky or even unnecessary, it may be […]

5 Things to consider when you choose Commercial Marine Products

To ensure optimal results in terms of safety and efficiency, it’s important to select the highest performing commercial marine products for use in maritime operations and services. If you want to buy the best marine products for you, here’s what to consider. 5 things to consider when selecting Commercial Marine Products Application Longevity and long-term […]

5 Things you need to know about SPM hose management

Focusing on your core business should be paramount, but that doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t have a good holistic overview of the parts that are making your offshore terminal tick. As SPM hoses are the lifeline to your terminal, there are 5 important things you need to know about managing them the right way. NUMBER […]

How to design your SPM for long-term goals

To be sustainable means that the offshore terminal is designed, engineered and managed in such a way that it favours longevity over short-term burn-out. But how does one design, build and operate an offshore terminal with long-term goals in mind? There is no prescribed one-size-fits-all solution, but in the past 50 years, MARSOL has developed […]

Bridge the gap with offshore project and interface management

On complex EPCI projects consisting of various subcontractors, consultants and
Stakeholders, miscommunication can easily sink the project. To bridge the gap between all the parties involved and to ensure that information and expectations are clearly communicated, proper offshore project management and interface management is required.

A closer look at Oil Tanker Operations

For effective SPM functioning, one requires various vessels, resources and protocols to ensure safe and efficient tanker mooring and unmooring at the SPM. Of course, for the entire ecosystem to function, tanker operations must also be accounted for. But what does that entail?

Optimize your OpEx return with Operational Integrity Management

It’s not about how much money you have to spend. It’s about what you’re spending it on. Operational Integrity Management helps you gain integrity without compromise while optimising both capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX). It directs the client spend towards maintaining the intrinsic value of the asset instead of external support costs. Here’s how!

Outsourcing hose management : Is it a good idea?

While many companies feel the need to keep hose maintenance in-house, others are choosing to focus on their core business by bringing in specialist partners to whom they entrust hose management and maintenance instead. Here’s what to consider when deciding whether or not outsourcing hose maintenance is for you.